A World Routes around dell'Esino ...

The Grill Cross Restaurant can be a point of departure or arrival for those who want to live unforgettable experiences, following touristic, historical, cultural itineraries or sports.
In fact in the area, they have several activities for anyone who wants to discover the pleasures of these lands.

Surroundings …

Going up the river Esino, near the springs, a place of special landscape interest arises Esanatoglia.

With its bell towers, the Tower, the buildings of medieval or Renaissance, the furnace fifteenth century, the cobbled streets, is a village Esanatoglia where you can visit the Palace of the Praetorium, the Parish Church, The Church of St. Mary White Fort, the Church of St.. Martin, the churches of Santa Maria, the Madonna of the Banner and S. Catherine.

Free Flight

dintorni_5Our territory, for its characteristics, suitable for the free flight, so that, within a few miles, crop up many sites. The most popular is Monte Gemmo, better known by enthusiasts as the “Tre Pizzi” where pilots, come from all over Europe every season , can founding a very interesting place to fly safely.

Motocross Area

For all fans of Motocross and Quadcross, near our Grill Cross Restaurant, there is the Municipal Cossodromo of Esanatoglia.

Bike Course


For all lovers of mountain biking you can follow a route that lasts about 2 hours (22.30 km) of average difficulty, which along with the Monte Puro, Monte Purillo and Monte Giuoco del Pallone.

Nature Trail

We are located in the municipality of Esanatoglia, in the province of Macerata near Matelica where you will find this medieval area wich, perched on a rocky ridge, seems to throw into the void beneath the valley of S. Peter is the hermitage of S. Cataldo.

It’s definitely a place to visit to relax and get away from the noise of everyday life for everyone, young and less young people and families with children, is ideal for spend half a day in total quiet.